Because following Jesus is the least boring thing you could ever do.

At Renovation Student Ministry, we are passionate about helping 6th-12th grade students 

  • Build their relationships with the Lord
  • Know and understand His Word and how it applies to their lives
  • Develop healthy habits so they graduate high school as fully-functioning young adults. 

Hang Out at 6:15 pm

Worship at 6:45 pm

Pick up at 8:30 pm

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Throughout June, we will teach through the book of Philemon in the New Testament in a series called "Peacemaker." We will tackle the topic of race, loving our neighbors, and the unity we find in the family of God. On June 19th, we will have a panel discussion with one of our elders, Pastor Timothy Pender, and two church leaders at Renovation, Tim Pecoraro and Donnette Baumann, to conclude our series through Philemon!

Upcoming Events for Students

Jul 17 6:15 PM

Jul 19 4:00 PM
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