At Renovation, kids aren’t just the church of tomorrow, they’re the church of today.

We want kids to know that God loves them and that choosing to follow Jesus is the best decision they can ever make. Our goal is to teach Jesus in kid-sized ways and partner with parents to go make disciples in their own homes.

RKids is our ministry for kids 6 yrs old to 6th grade. We have a great time worshipping and learning together in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. Little Builders is designed for our littlest learners. Children from six weeks – 5 yrs are loved on, cared for, and taught big truths in tiny bites.

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Children’s Ministry FAQ

At Renovation, we believe that children aren’t just the church of tomorrow, they’re the church of today. Our kids’ services are fun, safe, and engaging, but even more importantly, they are filled with Gospel truths that are age appropriate and memorable.

Not a thing! Checking in as a first time guest takes about five minutes, but if you’d rather skip the wait, you can pre-register your family.

Each child will be given a name tag with a security code, and parents will receive a matching security sticker that will be required for check-out.

We only allow volunteers who enjoy working with kids and have a passion for ministering to children! All kids ministry volunteers have completed a thorough training process and passed an extensive background check.

Children with above-normal temperature, vomiting, or diarrhea in the past 24 hours, or a cold, persistent cough, rash or any contagious disease or infection should not be brought to the children’s areas out of respect for other families. Parents must be sure that their children are free from signs of illness for 24 hours before bringing them. If a child becomes ill while in our care, the parent/guardian will be asked to pick up their child. Teachers do not administer medications.

If we need to contact you, the code on your security sticker will appear on the auditorium screen. A volunteer will be waiting in the lobby to let you know what’s up.

If a child is inconsolable for more than 10 minutes in a way that is concerning or upsets the rest of the class, we will come get you unless you specify otherwise.

If you have a child with special needs, we have specially trained VIP volunteers who can assist them individually in the class that you and the volunteer determine is most appropriate for your child. Please let us know in advance about your child and their needs.

We encourage families to utilize our children’s ministry so parents can hear from God without distractions and children can learn about Jesus in kid-sized ways.

We would be happy to give you and your child a tour between services if you’d like to check us out. We also have an Infant Care room which is fully stocked and has a live stream of the service.

We take our call to build disciples seriously and ask for your help to ensure that children attending in our main auditorium are not distracting to others.

Friends with Special Needs

Friends with Special Needs are VIPs at Renovation Church! We would be honored to pair your child with a specially trained volunteer, so they have a great time learning in the most appropriate environment and you can enjoy a service knowing they’re in capable hands. Connect with us here to let us know how we can help make your first visit a great one.

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