Followers and Builders are words you’ll hear often at Renovation Church.

To us, these words best define how God has called us to go about our mission of building disciples to go make disciples.
If someone is following Jesus, they will love what He loves. And Jesus loves people. So, a genuine Jesus follower is going to build other people up – teaching them to become followers, too. 


A follower makes Jesus Lord of their life and lives in obedience to His Word. 

As a follower of Jesus, you always have a next yes. Consider where you are on your journey with Jesus, and say yes to growing closer to Him. 


As we follow Jesus and love the people He loves, we become builders of His Kingdom, building up other followers of Christ and pursuing unity in His Church.

We invite you to serve with us at one of our local church families, reach out to our community, and go on mission with us across the globe.