GVL Easter Sunday

• 9:30 AM

Greenville  |  Renovation Greenville Auditorium

Joe Cuyar: joe@therenovation.church
(864) 881-7801

He is risen! Jesus is our Savior, and Easter Sunday was the day that He proved His victory over sin, death, and the grave. We have the gift of salvation and the assurance of eternal life because of Him. What a day to celebrate!

Our Easter services are at 9:30 & 11:15 am, and our preschool and kids' ministries will be gathering to worship, play, learn, and celebrate Jesus' resurrection at the same time!

Coming for the first time? We encourage families with kids to pre-register for your first visit to shorten the check-in process. Please plan to still come to our First Time Guest area when you arrive; we have a special gift for you and your family!

Ready to Celebrate with your Family?

Celebrating Easter with kids can be challenging! The story centers on complex concepts, and explaining death, sacrificial love, and resurrection (plus more!) makes egg hunts and jelly beans the easier choice. We want to help you resist the temptation to make this just another Hallmark holiday and use it to point your children or grandchildren toward Jesus! 

Talk about it more, not less. We want to encourage you to spend time together doing family devotions, even if that's not been a regular rhythm for your family. Renovation GVL will provide everyone with scripture passages and questions to dwell on and discuss each day of Holy Week; we will also offer devotions for families with younger children.  This could be an incredible season to personalize the story and maybe even present an opportunity to lead your child to the Lord. Ask them questions to discover what they understand, and allow room for the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. 

Let your child's understanding lead. Young children may only need to know that Jesus is alive and loves us. Older children may still benefit from focusing on the resurrection and Jesus's actions, not what others did. Read the story from a children's Bible if you're unsure what to include. 

Come to church!  We promise to approach the Easter story in age-appropriate ways in our children's ministry each Sunday. In addition, we would love for your family to join us for our Good Friday Worship Night at Renovation SVL. 

Change up the Easter basket contents. Consider replacing the trinkets and sugar with an Easter book, an age-appropriate Bible, or Resurrection eggs. My First Hands On Bible | Hands On Bible | Adventure Bible | The Garden, the Curtain, The Cross | The Donkey Who Carried a King | Resurrection Eggs