GVL Midweek Bible Study: Life In Community

Wednesday, April 5 • 6:30 PM

Greenville  |  Renovation Greenville

Laura Beth Cuyar: laurabeth@therenovation.church
(864) 881-7801

Acts 2 paints a beautiful picture of the early church looked like, but life is so different now. What does a Gospel-centered church family look like in 2023?      How do we follow Jesus together?

Join us as we explore God's Word and a fantastic book on the topic, Life in Community. We've already started the study, but you can join us anyway! We are gathering in small groups on Wednesdays until April 5th.

We have the book Life in Community, by Dustin Willis, available for $10 when you register, or you can purchase the Kindle or Audible version.

Location Information: We have a group meeting in Traveler's Rest and two groups at Renovation GVL. We look forward having a Greer group for a future study!

Childcare available up to 8th grade